Welcome to CBN’s Newest Board Member, Monica Campbell!

CBN is excited to welcome Monica Campbell to our Board of Directors in April 2019!

CBN’s Board appoints a Board Nominations Subcommittee to oversee the nominations process. During spring 2019, this committee evaluated current Board strengths and gaps, created a scoring tool based on identified priority areas, solicited nominations, scored and evaluated finalists, and made a recommendation to the full Board in April.

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Monica Campbell
Enterprise Bank & Trust
Vice President, Community Development

Monica currently serves as Vice President, Community Development at Enterprise Bank & Trust. She is responsible for sourcing relationships that further Enterprise Bank's fair and responsible banking objectives to achieve better strategic positioning in each community. Monica joined Enterprise in 2014 as an Assistant Vice President, Business Banking Specialist and has been working in the banking industry for over 22 years.

Monica teaches and otherwise helps with financial literacy classes at various organizations in the St. Louis area, including one financial empowerment class with the City of St. Louis. She also works to further Enterprise’s social mission around homeownership by partnering with area nonprofits to help people learn more about homebuying and get them the resources they need to buy their own homes.

Monica has been engaged with CBN’s Civic Capacity Building Committee over the past several years and was one of the first people to step up and provide funding and support to the Vacancy Collaborative as it was initially being formed in 2017.