Building bridges and advocating for policies that strengthen our civic muscle

Interpret and Disseminate Knowledge

Thanks to the support of our partners and members, CBN members have easier access to policy updates, upcoming initiatives, and opportunities to learn about the systems impacting community development. This can look like policy briefs, speakers, synthesized data, or opportunities to advocate.

Facilitate Meetings with Stakeholders

CBN hosts and co-hosts regular meetings for members to engage with elected officials, policy experts, foundations, local and state/national advocacy organizations, and more.

Monitor and Influence Policy Implementation

CBN members identify policy priorities in the form of calls to action for St. Louis City & County. Working together, CBN and partners identify 1-2 priorities to champion on an annual basis in order to move the needle forward for the St. Louis region. In 2018, we identified expanding the Affordable Housing Trust Fund in the City of St. Louis and creating an Affordable Housing Trust Fund in St. Louis County as our main priorities!