Metro East Coalition 

The Metro East Coalition works to build stronger connections between community stakeholders and lending institutions serving Madison and St. Clair counties so that we can elevate community development for the entire St. Louis Metro East region.

Coalition Goals

Private lenders, local government representatives, and community-based nonprofits came together in 2017 to form the Metro East Coalition for the purpose of accomplishing 3 goals:

  1. Linking Need with Opportunity

  2. Building Two-Way Communication

  3. Collaborating Across Sectors

Priority Areas

Over 40 community development practitioners worked together to identify 3 areas of focused need in Madison and St. Clair counties:

  1. Greater Alton

  2. Route 3 Corridor (Venice, Madison, & Granite City)

  3. East St. Louis School District 189

Both/And Approach

The Coalition believes in a “Both/And” approach to community development funding. Resources deliver the most impact when they support the full range of a community’s needs. Tangible projects and outcomes are critical, but so are investments in operational costs and ongoing capacity building for existing organizations.