St. Louis Commercial District Coalition

The St. Louis Commercial District Coalition is a collection of commercial district and corridor representatives that are organized around the belief that our region’s economy and quality of life are inseparable from the outcomes of its neighborhood commercial districts.

Who are we?

The Coalition is open to all representatives of organizations in St. Louis City & County that are dedicated to the commercial and economic development of a place. These organizations include, but are not limited to, special taxing districts, government entities, business associations, and community development nonprofits.

Coalition Goals

The St. Louis Commercial District Coalition was founded in 2017 and has come together to:

  1. Share Best Practices and highlights from St. Louis and across the nation helps all districts reach their full potential. 

  2. Collaborate to explore ways of working together and support all participating districts. This can be done via individual partnerships and speaking as a single voice.

  3. Build Exposure for a diverse collection of neighborhoods on a regional level. Limited capacity and local fragmentation inhibits the ability of neighborhood commercial districts to attract visitors and investment and we believe that local district stakeholders should have control of these narratives.

Early Successes

While the Commercial District Coalition has only been convening regularly since 2017, it has accomplished a few notable successes:

  • Created a Guide on Special Taxing Districts

  • Collaborated with Explore St. Louis to improve the process of marketing neighborhood districts

  • Collectively identified and promoted 9 standards for neighborhood-based marketing 

  • Built connections between more than 20 different districts across St. Louis City & County