Washington University in St. Louis

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Contact: Dr. Hank Webber, Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration
Email: hwebber@wustl.edu
Phone: (314) 935-7877
Address: 1 Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130
Website: https://wustl.edu/

Washington University in St. Louis’ mission is to discover and disseminate knowledge, and protect the freedom of inquiry through research, teaching and learning. Washington University creates an environment to encourage and support an ethos of wide-ranging exploration. Washington University’s faculty and staff strive to enhance the lives and livelihoods of students, the people of the greater St. Louis community, the country and the world.

Washington University’s goals are:

  • To welcome students, faculty and staff from all backgrounds to create an inclusive community that is welcoming, nurturing and intellectually rigorous.
  • To foster excellence in its teaching, research, scholarship and service.
  • To prepare students with attitudes, skills and habits of lifelong learning and leadership, thereby enabling them to be productive members of a global society.
  • To be an institution that excels by its accomplishments in its home community, St. Louis, as well as in the nation and the world.

Washington University in St. Louis is building a better world by preparing and supporting more effective leaders with the knowledge, experience, dedication and creativity to tackle complex problems. The University is a community of people driven to meet the world’s challenges. Through its partnerships and path-breaking research, Washington University is working together to shape the future of the university, the region and the world. The University believes that advancements happen when diverse ideas, approaches and thinking intersect.

Washington University’s strategic priorities are advancing human health; diversity and inclusion; global engagement; energy, environment, and sustainability; and innovation and entrepreneurship.