U.S. Bank

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Contact: Kathy Siddens, Vice President, Regional Community Affairs Manager
Email: katherine.siddens@usbank.com
Phone: (800) 872-2657
Website: https://www.usbank.com/

Driven by its proven stability, individual and collective expertise, and a belief that the U.S. Bank team can make possible happen, U.S. Bank works to bring unparalleled strength to all of its customers, communities, and shareholders. Through its four core businesses, U.S. Bank connects with its customers and helps them achieve their possible:

  • Consumer and small business banking
  • Wholesale banking and commercial real estate
  • Wealth management and securities services
  • Payment services

U.S. Bank believes all people deserve the opportunity to dream, believe, and achieve. At U.S. Bank, developing communities means investing in people and their hopes and dreams for the future. By providing products and services that meet the diverse needs of communities—such as the bank’s innovative mortgage program for first-time homebuyers—U.S. bank is helping to provide a social and economic foundation for achieving affordable housing, productive small businesses, and culturally vibrant communities.

U.S. Bank works in partnership with hundreds of organizations across its 25-state banking region to help develop affordable housing, foster economic revitalization, and provide training and education to small businesses, consumers, and first-time homebuyers. The organization is committed to providing financial and leadership support to national and regional equity funds as well as actively investing in Low Income Affordable Housing Tax Credit projects to further support the creation of affordable housing units.