By Aaron Young, Sustainability Planning Manager at East-West Gateway Council of Governments

We keep hearing about how traditional and relied-upon sources of funding are becoming increasingly sparse and increasingly competitive(1).  This typical system of funding is based on a model where a grant or other program is released and project implementers pursue the resources being offered.  Organizations need to be aware of and have the capacity to pursue these opportunities.   With a new project under way at OneSTL, we are attempting to reverse that system.

The OneSTL Sustainable Projects Marketplace was conceived of as a clearinghouse for sustainable projects in the St. Louis region.  Its purpose is to connect people working to implement projects with people who have resources to help get those projects completed.  The Marketplace will eventually be an exhaustive list of projects and programs occurring in the region that positively impact our economy and our environment.

Stored in an on-line database, the Marketplace will be searchable by topic, implementing organization, and the need. The Marketplace will be marketed to networks of philanthropies, lending institutions, government agencies, volunteers, universities, etc. to tell them all about the work happening in St. Louis and to help bring the resources to you.

This effort is just getting off the ground.  For this to be successful, we need to know about your projects and programs!  Visit the Marketplace ( ) and see what is there already.  If you have a project to put on the Marketplace follow the links on the Marketplace landing page or email me at

I hope to hear for all of you soon.