St. Louis Equity Fund

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Contact: Colleen Hafner, Asset Manager – Compliance
Phone: (314) 436-7810
Address: 707 North Second St., Suite 308, St. Louis, MO 63102

The St. Louis Equity Fund provides affordable rental housing, low risk investments that provide a market rate of return to investors, and a steady source of equity to partners and developers in the St. Louis region. Founded in 1988 with a $75,000 grant from Civic Progress, the St. Louis Equity Fund recognized the need to create a vehicle to syndicate tax credits created by the Tax Reform Act of 1986. The first Fund, created in 1988, raised $3.25 million and facilitated the production of 105 affordable homes. Since that time, the St. Louis Equity Fund has raised more than $367 million of capital, which has produced approximately 4,446 housing units that have had a total development cost of $644 million.

The St. Louis Equity Fund’s mission is to effectively utilize corporate investment and available tax incentives to stimulate the development of affordable, low- and moderate-income housing units. The organization strives to revitalize and stabilize neighborhoods through public/private cooperation and superior asset management.