South Grand Community Improvement District

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Executive Director: Rachel Witt
Phone: (314) 772-5750
Address: 3611 Juniata St., Suite 2E, St. Louis, MO 63116

The South Grand Community Improvement District’s (SGCID) mission is to cultivate a robust and supportive business climate on South Grand Boulevard in order to establish the Tower Grove community as the premiere urban lifestyle district in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. SGCID’s vision is to further enhance the district to become a thriving, self-sufficient, vibrant community that emphasizes safety, cleanliness, promotions, quality tenant attraction and retention, and infrastructure improvements.

SGCID was organized under Missouri legislation in 2001 to provide enhanced public safety, maintenance, building improvements, and economic development beyond those services already supplied by the city. The district boundaries are on both sides of South Grand Boulevard extending from Utah Place North to Arsenal Street. The CID operates as a political subdivision of the state of Missouri. It is run by a board of directors made up of unpaid volunteers—all of whom are assessment-paying property owners and/or business owners within the district.

SGCID is guided by the following values:

  • Community Engagement: SGCID believes it is its responsibility to engage its surrounding business districts and neighborhoods in order to foster a positive relationship to better serve the Tower Grove Community.
  • Economic Development: SGCID is committed to increasing area foot traffic through economic development and capital improvements in order to create a greater return for the property and business owners within the district.
  • Public Safety: SGCID believes that in order to create a robust business climate, it is the organization’s responsibility to foster a safe and inviting environment to those who live, work, and play within the district.
  • Maintenance: SGCID is committed to ensuring a clean environment through ongoing maintenance of the streetscape of the district as well as ensuring the cleanliness of the commercial buildings through programs and/or ordinances.
  • Housing: SGCID is committed to upholding policies that will assist with the growth of residential development and increase property value of the Tower Grove Community by maintaining and ensuring a robust business climate throughout the district.