Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council

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Executive Director: Brandon SterlingSkinker Debaliviere
Phone: (314) 862‐5122
Address: 6008 Kingsbury Ave., St. Louis, MO 63112

The mission of the Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council (SDCC) is to serve and promote the community and advocate on behalf of the residents to enhance their quality of life. SDCC aims to be the connector, coordinator, and facilitator of all aspects necessary to maintain and enhance the diverse, desirable, and thriving community of Skinker DeBaliviere.

The Skinker DeBaliviere Neighborhood is a historic neighborhood with charming brick residences and tree-lined streets located in the west end of the City of St. Louis. It is bounded by the city limits on the west, Delmar Boulevard on the north, DeBaliviere Avenue on the east, and Lindell Boulevard on the south. The neighborhood is within walking distance to Washington University, Forest Park and the University City Loop. Member neighborhoods within Skinker DeBaliviere include Kingsbury Square, Nina Place, Parkview, Rosedale and Washington Heights. Skinker DeBaliviere was designated a Local Historic District by the City of St. Louis in 1978.

The Skinker DeBaliviere Community Council was established in 1966. Delmar Baptist Church (now New Cote Brilliante Church of God), Grace Methodist, St. Roch Church, and Washington University, along with neighborhood associations—Rosedale Neighbors and Washington Heights—came together to improve the neighborhood. The Council assists in the ongoing improvement of the neighborhood, working with City of St. Louis, neighbors, and the Aldermen to keep a finger on the pulse of the neighborhood and to identify, assess, and resolve immediate concerns. The council continues to serve as a forum where neighbors raise concerns, forge solutions, and address problems.

SDCC is proud to sponsor local neighborhood programs focused on community gardens, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), welcoming new residents (For New Neighbors), and aging in place.