PGAV Planners

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Contact: Jenny Ryan, Project Manager
Phone: (314) 231-7318
Address: 200 North Broadway, Suite 1000, St. Louis, MO 63102

PGAV is a premier, professional services firm renowned for its work in the disciplines of urban planning, architecture, and destination consulting. PGAV Planners is an integral part of the PGAV organization, comprised of a select group of planning professionals that take pride in helping their clientele achieve results. PGAV provides an array of services and is continually supported by its staff of architects, landscape architects, artists and designers. Governmental, private, and institutional organizations seek the services of PGAV for its effectiveness in dealing with development issues and project solutions that exceed client expectations. 

The depth of experience of PGAV’s staff is a valuable resource to the firm’s clientele. More importantly, PGAV approaches every project with a fresh perspective. The PGAV team thinks that it is critical to recognize the unique circumstances of each client’s needs and to chart an appropriate course of action. PGAV’s 45 years of experience involves hundreds of projects, many of which set examples for unique approaches and solutions to community planning and development issues. PGAV’s areas of practice include:

  • Community Planning
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Development and Redevelopment Financing
  • Site Planning and Landscape Architecture
  • Economic & Market Studies

PGAV has extensive experience in the public sector, working with community development agencies, planning departments, parks and recreation departments, redevelopment and housing authorities, and other federal, state, and local agencies. In the private sector, PGAV has assisted numerous housing development organizations, various investors and commercial/industrial developers, major corporations, and financial institutions.

Experience in both the public and private sectors is an asset enabling PGAV to formulate viable community/economic development plans and programs. PGAV is frequently called upon to assist the public and private sectors in determining how to combine public and private financing vehicles to close a cost gap to enable project development. PGAV’s extensive background in development financing and public financing vehicles for assisting private development sets the firm apart.

PGAV’s commitment to its clients and exceeding expectations has resulted in many relationships that extend beyond a single assignment. The organization enjoys repeat business with clients and ongoing relationships that have, in many instances, extended over periods of time ranging from 10 to 30 years. Solutions beyond expectations has been the hallmark of PGAV’s name and the goal the firm has maintained throughout the years.