ND Consulting

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Contact: Ken Nuernberger, Partner
Email: knuernberger@ndconsulting.com
Phone: (314) 771-5335
Address: 1425 South 18th St., St. Louis, MO 63104
Website: http://www.ndconsulting.com/

ND Consulting Group (NDCG) is a multi-dimensional real estate development and finance consulting firm assisting both private and nonprofit organizations in all matters related to the development, financing, and operations of commercial and multi-family real estate. NDCG is especially successful in creating financing strategies for development projects unable to fully meet standard lending criteria and in leveraging equity from federal, state and local government subsidy programs, such as Low-Income Housing Tax Credits, Historic Preservation Tax Credits, and Tax Exempt Bonds.

Formed in 2002 by Michele Duffe and Ken Nuernberger, NDCG is founded on decades of diverse real estate and community development experience. Since its inception, NDCG has pushed and challenged the industry, striving to improve the system through public/private collaboration and uphold the highest standard of housing development for all people.