By Jenny Connelly-Bowen, CBN Graduate Research Assistant

This week, we’re sharing maps that examine voter turnout and voting patterns in last week’s primary municipal election in St. Louis City. These were created by Paul Fehler of Missouri Wonk, a St. Louis-based policy consulting and data analytics firm. Paul has a degree in Geography with an emphasis in GIS, demography, and spatial statistics from the University of Missouri. He serves as the Democratic Committeeman for St. Louis City’s 8th Ward. We featured Paul’s maps on voter turnout in our region for the November 2016 general election in another Know Your Region post earlier this year.

The six maps below review voter turnout overall and voting patterns for the five Democratic mayoral candidates that garnered the most votes: Lyda Krewson, Tishaura Jones, Lewis Reed, Antonio French, and Jeffrey Boyd. This map data was pulled from the March 7th, 2017 Primary Municipal Election Unofficial Ward by Ward Results report (PDF document) on the St. Louis City Board of Elections Commissioners’ webpage. Note that the denominator used in these election results is registered voters, not eligible voters, which could result in lower representation of populations that tend to register to vote at lower rates (e.g., low-income citizens and renters).

On the “STL Voter Turnout by Ward” map, we can see that several wards in South City and the Central Corridor had the highest proportional voter turnout. The five wards with the highest turnout (in descending order) were Wards 16, 28, 15, 8, and 23, with turnout rates between 33.9 and 41.6 percent (see Paul’s data table below).

Among the Democratic candidates examined here, those currently serving as aldermen tended to receive strong support in their home wards. Votes for Lyda Krewson were otherwise most heavily concentrated in the southern and southwestern portions of the City, while votes for Lewis Reed and Antonio French were concentrated in North City. Support for Tishaura Jones was spread out more evenly, with some concentration in South City and the Central Corridor. Jeffrey Boyd’s support came largely from North City—particularly Ward 22, where he serves as Alderman.


Below is a table Paul created that summarizes various voter metrics from the election:

STL City Primary - data

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