We are highlighting maps relevant to community development in each issue of the Community Builders Exchange. In this issue, we are sharing a map sent to from Richard Bose, an electrical engineer and contributor to nextSTL.com. The map shows building permit data in the City of St. Louis from January 2014 through June of 2015 pulled from the city’s online open datasets. To generate the map, Richard joined the city’s permit data with the city’s shapefile of land parcels. The maps shows most of the city’s big projects occurred in the central corridor during this time period, with large concentrations to the north and east of Forest Park and just south of Downtown West.

To view maps from previous editions of the Community Builders Exchange, click here. If you have a map that would be of interest to our readers, please let us know in an email to cbn@umsl.edu.

St Louis City Building Permits Jan 14-Present