By Daniel Hutti: CBN Graduate Research Assistant

This week’s maps take a look at the spatial relationship between two different types of investments and average life expectancy.  The figures for life expectancy in the maps below were pulled from two separate reports conducted by the city and the county. The city’s report can be accessed here, and the county’s report can be accessed here. The two different investment types are home and repair loans  and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) allocations.

The first map shows life expectancy with an overlay of home and repair loans by zip code. This map shows a fairly close relationship between lower life expectancy and lower levels of home and repair loans. This maps also shows that the highest levels of home and repair loans took place in the central, west, and southern portions of St. Louis County.

The second map shows life expectancy and low-income housing units. In this map, there appears to be a fairly strong relationship between higher numbers of low-income units and lower life expectancy. Most of the areas with the highest levels of life expectancy have no low-income housing units. Downtown, however, appears to be an exception.

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Life Expectancy and HMDA

Life Expectancy and LIHTC