By Daniel Hutti, CBN Graduate Research Assistant

In this week’s  edition of the Community Builders Exchange, we are sharing an interactive map that shows a count of the number of home repair loans originated by Census Tract.  This interactive map was created using Community Commons, an online data and mapping tool produced by the University of Missouri CARES program (Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems). Community Commons is free and relatively easy to use. You can check it out here.

This map shows the rate of home repair loans per 10,000 people. The darker a tract is, the higher the rate. When zooming in, you can see that there are high rates in the Tower Grove South neighborhood, Forest Park Southeast, portions of the Lindenwood Park and Clifton Heights, Webster Groves, and Kirkwood. North of the city, you can see there is a high rate in the Spanish Lake area as well.

With this map, you can toggle the “data type” that is displayed. You can also adjust the transparency of the layer and add different reference layers using the toolbox to the right of the map. For example, you can change the “data type” to “total.” This will display the total number of home repair loans displayed by Census Tract. By doing this, you can see that Tower Grove South, once again, is one of the top areas for home repairs. We can also see a large number of home repairs in Shaw, portions of University City, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, Northwoods and Pine Lawn. Once again, Spanish Lake also has a large number of home repair loans.

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