By Daniel Hutti, CBN Graduate Research Assistant

In this issue of the Community Builders Exchange, we are sharing a map of Historic Tax Credits (HTCs) allocations throughout the State of Missouri. The map displays HTC issued from between 2000 through 2014. According to the data, Missouri has issued 2,558 HTCs during this time period valued at approximately $1.38 billion. Over 60% of the HTCs (1,732 allocations valued at $864 million) have gone towards projects in the City of St. Louis.

The map below shows where each of these HTCs have been allocated throughout the state. In the St. Louis area, it appears that the majority of HTCs have been allocated to projects in the Central Corridor and in south St. Louis City. A cluster of HTCs have also been allocated in the Old North St. Louis neighborhood. Other clusters of HTC allocations exist just north of Manchester in the Grove, the Shaw neighborhood, Fox Park, Benton Park, Lafayette Square and Downtown St. Louis, to name a few. The general takeaway from this map is that it appears neighborhoods that have experienced a turn around of sorts have also attracted considerable investment via HTCs.

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