By Daniel Hutti CBN Graduate Research Assisstant

In this week’s edition of the Community Builder’s Exchange, we are presenting two maps on assessed property value in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. The data used to create these maps was downloaded freely from St. Louis County’s Open Data website, St. Louis City’s Public Dataset website, and from the US Census’ TIGER/Line website. To create these maps, the total assessed value of parcels from the city and county were merged into one dataset, and the values were then aggregated at the census tract level.

The first map shows total assessed value by census tract. Assessed values appear to be higher generally in Downtown and along the center of St. Louis County. Other areas of St. Louis County also appear to be high in value, including the airport, Earth City, and near the intersection of I-270 and I-44.

The second map divides total assessed value by the area of the census tract. From this perspective, the central corridor now appears to have higher property values than much of the rest of the region.

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total assessed value total assessed value by tract area