By Daniel Hutti, CBN Graduate Research Assistant

In this week’s edition of the Community Builders Exchange, we are sharing two maps that show building permits issued in the City of St. Louis in 2015. The data used to build these two maps comes from St. Louis City’s Public Dataset on building permits (you can view the dataset here).  Both maps plot the location of where building permits were issued in 2015.

The first map is a heatmap of all building permits issued in 2015. The city’s data includes building permits that were issued for new construction projects, repairs, restorations, occupancy, and among other project categories. The map shows concentrations of building permits in Downtown, the Central West End, and a fairly large portion of south St. Louis between Tower Grove Ave./Morganford and I-55.

The second map plots new construction permits issued in 2015. By restricting the data to new construction permits only,  the cluster of permits in Downtown disappears, but a large number of permits are still visible in the Central West End area and in south city. There also appear to be quite a few new construction permits issued northwest of Grand Center and north of Delmar Blvd. near Belt Ave.

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