Congratulations to Justine PETERSEN,
winner of our 2017 Award for Excellence in Lending!

CBN’s Award for Excellence in Lending recognizes an individual or an organization that:

  • Gets involved beyond traditional lending in community building activities and is creative in how they support community building.
  • Provides direct support to community building organizations.
  • Has a strong community presence.
  • Demonstrates a deep understanding of the sector and a willingness to accept more risk.

Justine PETERSENJustine PETERSEN is a nonprofit organization that connects institutional resources with the needs of low- to moderate-income families and individuals so they can build long-term assets and create enduring change. Their team gives people opportunities to create new futures for themselves and their families by helping them become and stay homeowners, launch and run successful businesses, access education, and start and manage personal savings programs. Justine PETERSEN also supports small businesses through funding and technical assistance.  

Last year, Justine PETERSEN closed $11 million in over 863 microloans, closed 456 credit-building loans, supported 2.7 jobs for every business assisted, and helped 12 percent of clients move up from the low-income bracket after receiving services from Justine PETERSEN. Justine PETERSEN’s passion for promoting change through financial support and products make them a great advocate for the St. Louis community.

We hope you can join us to celebrate the achievements of Justine PETERSEN and other community partners at our Fifth Annual Awards Reception on April 27! Click here to purchase tickets.