Park Central DevelopmentPark Central Development is looking for a Summer/Fall Intern to assist their team with a variety of projects and initiatives. Responsibilities, duties, and PDF with a full job description are listed below. Interested candidates should send a cover letter and resume to

About Park Central Development
Park Central Development exists to promote and help plan quality residential and commercial developments, implement aesthetically pleasing infrastructure and beautification projects, improve security performance and decrease crime, attract and market the area to investors and visitors, assess and fill gaps in social service programs, and overall, create a strategic and sustainable pathway for the neighborhoods in the City of St. Louis to succeed.

Summer/Fall Intern: Responsibilities and Duties

  • Interact with a diverse group of community members, neighborhood organizations and institutional partners
  • Work with community stakeholders to create a neighborhood needs assessment
  • Work with community stakeholders to complete a detailed 5-year action plan from needs assessment
  • Assist in public infrastructure plans and implementation strategies
  • Assist in print marketing and social media efforts for the organization
  • Assist in the administration of special taxing districts
  • Assist in all aspects of economic development including attracting businesses and development to the St. Louis area
  • Assist in fundraising efforts and at special events for the organization

Park Central Development Practicum Description 2017