The Missouri Historic Tax Credit program could face an uncertain future and potential elimination due to proposed resolution in the Missouri Legislature right now. The Missouri Historic Tax Credit program is a vital tool for the success of many community and economic development projects in St. Louis, and the Historic Alliance for Missouri is asking for your help to preserve it now.

Since 1998, a great deal of the redevelopment in the City of St. Louis has happened because of the Missouri Historic Preservation Tax Credit program. According to the Missouri Alliance for Historic Preservation, Historic Tax Credits allocated from Missouri and the Federal Government totaled $403 million and resulted in 3,859 jobs in 2013.[i] Since the program’s beginning, Missouri’s Historic Tax Credits have led to investments of $7.5 billion and over 40,000 jobs.[ii]  This redevelopment tool is critical for many community and economic development projects in our region, including redevelopments in downtown St. Louis, in the Delmar Loop, and in many St. Louis neighborhoods (O’Fallon, Old North St. Louis, Forest Park Southeast, and more).[iii]

The Missouri House Joint Resolution (HJR) 34 “proposes a constitutional amendment to limit general revenue appropriations and mandate state income tax rate reductions in certain situations.” An amendment to this proposal added by State Senator Tom Dempsey of St. Charles makes all tax credits subject to appropriations.

The Historic Alliance for Missouri is asking for help contacting state legislators to voice your opposition. HJR34 has passed the Missouri House and is now on the Missouri Senate’s calendar, and with the legislative session ending May 15, time is running out to save Historic Tax Credits in Missouri.

To support the Historic Alliance for Missouri, you can call or email your state legislator today.

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