Northside Community Housing, Inc.

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Contact: Mona Majid, Community Development Coordinator
Phone: (314) 531-0310
Address: 4067 Lincoln Ave., St. Louis, MO 63113

The mission of Northside Community Housing, Inc. (NCHI) is to provide high quality housing that is affordable to low- and moderate-income area residents and to create opportunities for them to improve their lives and revitalize the community.

NCHI believes in empowering residents and supporting families to enable them to build their personal assets, and that everyone should have opportunities that allow them to attain a sense of well-being and satisfaction in their lives. NCHI values every person and family and strives to build an inclusive, diverse community where everyone is treated fairly. As a community organization, NCHI values fiscal responsibility and accountability in its operations. NCHI aims to use its work to improve the lives of low-and moderate-income people; improve the quality of life in the Ville, Greater Ville and surrounding neighborhoods; stabilize the weakest properties in the organization’s portfolio; and strengthen the long-term sustainability of NCHI with a diverse funding base to carry out its stated mission.

NCHI started as a Senior Citizens Center in 1973. In 1977, the Center’s Housing Program began renovating homes and apartment buildings in the neighborhood, and in 1986 completed a $1 million renovation of the former St. Matthew School into 20 apartment units primarily for seniors. Over the next 23 years, the Housing Program rehabilitated 93 affordable rental units in the neighborhood to lease to low-income community residents.

In 2003, the Center’s Housing Program separated from the Center to become its own not-for-profit corporation, Northside Community Housing, Inc. (NCHI). At this point, NCHI turned its focus to building single-family subdivisions in the Greater Ville neighborhood—the majority of which were constructed under the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program—with the intention of providing future home ownership opportunities for tenants. Although NCHI’s work has been historically concentrated in the Ville community, the organization’s redevelopment efforts are expanding to other north St. Louis neighborhoods.

NCHI has been recognized by city, state, and federal officials. In 2007, NCHI received a City of St. Louis Developer of the Year Award from Mayor Francis Slay and the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Affordable Housing from Governor Matt Blunt. In 2009, former U.S. Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond supported NCHI’s preservation efforts with a $1 million federal earmark to renovate eight of NCHI’s oldest buildings. Thanks to Senator Bond, NCHI was able to leverage an additional $950,000 from the Missouri Housing Development Commission to complete the project.

In addition to bricks-and-mortar development, NCHI partners with agencies to help residents form block units, provide financial education, and assist residents with budgeting, credit repair, savings, and purchasing a home.