Lutheran Housing Support

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Contact: Fred Kimbrough, Director of Projects and Lending
Phone: (314) 996-1647
Address: 1333 South Kirkwood Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122

The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS) National Housing Support Corporation’s (NHSC) vision is for restored and revitalized neighborhoods that are anchored by LCMS congregations actively engaged in collaborative mercy. To bring that vision into reality, Lutheran Housing Support’s mission is to provide access to capital and customized consulting services for underserved neighborhoods in order to transform them into thriving communities.

Housing and community development work has always been a part of the LCMS’ mercy work over the last 150 years. Beginning with the individual actions of local congregations, LCMS Lutherans built orphanages and shelters in the second half of the nineteenth century, providing housing services for thousands of individuals. This work was continued throughout the first half of the twentieth century and eventually expanded to include national housing drives like “Keys for Christ” and large-scale local housing projects like the New York Nehemiah program. Today, this work is continued through the efforts of the LCMS NHSC (d/b/a Lutheran Housing Support).

Today, the NHSC seeks and secures funding from government, private, and corporate sources to assist LCMS congregations, districts, registered service organizations (RSOs) and other partners to develop housing ministries in their neighborhoods. NHSC acts as an intermediary for securing and administering funds and complying with conditions imposed by the various funding entities. NHSC has grown to provide a variety of services to various LCMS entities and their partners across the country.

NHSC’s current organizational objectives include:

  • Providing financial and technical support for community improvement initiatives in neighborhoods that are close to LCMS altars.
  • Networking with, training, and supporting community, faith-based entities and their partners engaged in community-based projects to successfully seek and secure private and public financial investments into their redevelopment and revitalization activities.
  • Developing models for successful faith-based neighborhood revitalization in blighted and economically challenged communities.
  • Providing financial and technical support designed to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of organizations engaged in housing and neighborhood revitalization activities in economically challenged communities.
  • Establishing locally based, sustainable, and financially stable collaboration vehicles that will help identify, nurture, support, and promote promising, successful, and reproducible new and innovative approaches, programs, and projects that improve economic conditions; ensure the widest possible availability of safe, decent and affordable housing; and provide services designed to revitalize communities and help prevent future deterioration.