Jubilee Christian Development

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Executive: Andy Krumsieg
Email: stlandy@aol.com
Phone:  (314) 533-5400
Address: 4231 North Grand Boulevard
St. Louis, MO  63107
Website: http://jubileecommunitychurch.vpweb.com/Jubilee-Christian-Development.html 

Jubilee Christian Development Corporation grew from the Jubilee Christian Community Church with a mission to strengthen the community surrounding the church by revitalizing both the place and the people surrounding the church.  The church itself, began as a place based stand against the continued deterioration of communities.  Jubilee’s commitment is demonstrated by the relocation of its minister and some of the members into the community to provide stability and support for the church and its neighbors.  Additionally Jubilee provides:

  • Skill development in the construction trade
  • Redevelopment or replacement housing in and around their church
  • Housing improvement for current residents

Jubilee Christian Development is supported by the Jubilee Christian Community Church.    Their joint vision is to revitalize the neighborhood by improving the lives of the residents currently living there, as well as attracting new residents, particularly church members, to the area.