Grace Hill Settlement House

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President & CEO: Roderick L. Jones, Ed.D., MPA
Phone: (314) 584-6900
Address: 2600 Hadley St., St. Louis, MO 63106

Grace Hill Settlement House was established by the Episcopal Diocese (Grace Church and Holy Cross Church) in 1903 to provide a comprehensive and coordinated complement of services and resources to immigrant populations, helping them “settle” into their new community. Today, Grace Hill works in partnership with neighborhoods and stakeholders to address social and economic challenges in North and South St. Louis City, supporting families that are strong and self-sustaining. Grace Hill offers early childhood services, an entrepreneurial training center, and place-based community support hubs. Through these programs, Grace Hill works with people across the region to ensure that whole families and communities are economically stable and on their way to prosperity.

Grace Hill believes that every child, every family, and every community deserves the opportunity to succeed, and embodies a variety of roles in support of this mission. Grace Hill is:

  • A social service provider that knows communities are more than the programs they can offer.
  • A builder of systems that create lasting change for the people and communities they serve.
  • A leader in providing comprehensive family supports to low-income St. Louis residents.
  • A United Way Member Agency, a member of the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, and a proud 110-year-old member of the Settlement House movement.