Cornerstone Corporation

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Executive Director: Keaira Anderson
Phone: (314) 726-2273
Address: 6030 Etzel Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63112

Cornerstone provides a quality alternative to relatively scarce government housing. Cornerstone rehabs historic multi-family buildings and rents them at affordable rates to those needing a path to financial stability. Tenants take advantage of localized jobs programs, tutoring, and more through Cornerstone’s partnerships with churches and other organizations. In St. Louis’s West End, the result is a neighborhood where population is increasing—unusual in the northern half of the city of St. Louis.

Founded in 1976 by members of Grace and Peace Fellowship, Cornerstone is committed to restoring local communities and providing affordable, quality housing with personalized management for the disadvantaged in St. Louis City who would otherwise be left with inadequate housing or no housing at all. Cornerstone is noteworthy because it focuses on rehabilitating and renovating distressed properties in the community instead of demolishing them to build new housing. Moreover, the organization’s affordable apartments create a stable environment, which allow tenants the opportunity to save and eventually purchase a home of their own.