Carondelet Community Betterment Federation, Inc.

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Executive Director: Fred Hessel, Jr.
Phone: (314) 752-6339
Address: 6408 Michigan Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63111

Carondelet Community Betterment Federation, Inc. (CCBF), founded in 1971, strives to identify and improve the basic social, economic, and educational needs of Carondelet through community outreach and collaborative efforts with various organizations to maximize efforts and strengthen the quality of life in Carondelet.

CCBF started as an association to help senior citizens maintain their homes with repair services and still offers this service to senior homeowners in the Carondelet neighborhood. Since its foundation, however, CCBF has worked with other local organizations to encourage redevelopment in Carondelet by creating a venue for crafting strategies and allowing local officials, private developers, and the community to meet. These efforts have helped to create a variety of market- and affordable-rate housing while preserving the historic character of the rehabilitated buildings.

CCBF’s work has built economic opportunities for the area, as well. The following are just a few of CCBF’s community-focused programs:

  • Forgivable Loans: For residents of the 11th Ward, this program allows homeowners to improve or repair their houses with a loan that is forgivable after five years of owning and living in that same home, provided they pay 15 percent of the loan when it is approved. It is a program that specifically targets young and new homeowners: applicants must be under 55 years old and must have lived in the home for at least two years.
  • Home Repairs: This program has been a focus of the CCBF since its founding. It is offered to senior homeowners in the Carondelet neighborhood to respond to code violations and basic repair work needed, including interior and exterior repairs, basic plumbing and electrical, and basic accessibility including grab bars, handrails, etc.
  • Housing Rehabilitation: This work aims to improve properties throughout Carondelet.
  • Food Assistance: CCBF has operated the St. Joseph Outreach food pantry for over 30 years. It first originated in the St. Joseph School on Minnesota as a collaboration with the Sisters of St. Joseph. The school is now demolished, and the fully functioning food pantry is now located at the CCBF main office on Michigan Avenue. The food pantry provides nutritional food to St. Louis City residents, which includes USDA commodities received from the St. Louis Area Foodbank and Operation Food Search. Supplemental food is received from private donations, food drives, local businesses, and community gardens. CCBF also distributes Senior Boxes for eligible enrolled Seniors from the St. Louis Area Foodbank.
  • Literacy: The Carondelet Family Literacy Center at 6418 Michigan Avenue offers free GED and ESL classes to residents.
  • Community Building: CCBF focuses on redeveloping parks in key community spaces and encouraging social interaction and economic development.
  • Infrastructure Development: CCBF has completed infrastructure, art, and signage improvements along South Broadway.