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The Many Factors That Lead to Lifelong Health

By Robert Hughes, President and CEO, Missouri Foundation for Health This column was originally published on Missouri Foundation for Health’s website. I don’t think I’m biased when I say that we at the Missouri Foundation for Health have an exceptional organizational […]

How We Subsidize Spread-Out Places Via Utilities

By Richard Bose, Electrical Engineer and Vice President of St. Louis Strong This column was originally published on Take a look at your utility bills. Is there any charge related to the amount of infrastructure it takes to serve you? […]

Fighting for Community Development

By U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill Here in Missouri I’m proud to see the great work our citizens do to help one another and improve our communities. I see Missourians and their organizations ensuring our senior citizens remain an important part […]

Bike Share is Coming to St. Louis—But it Needs Community Input

By Liza Farr, Associate Project Manager, Economic Development at Bi-State Development Ever been stuck in traffic? Had trouble parking? Been too far away from your destination to take transit? If you’re thinking “yes” to at least one of these, I’ve […]

Generational Poverty: We Can Do Something About It

By Neal Richardson, Assistant Vice President, Assistant Director of Asset Management at U.S. Bancorp Community Development Corporation Like asthma, sickle cell, and diabetes, poverty has been passed down for generations in the African-American community. Unlike physical illnesses, we have failed […]

Food Access in St. Louis: We Need Better Policies

By Melissa Vatterott, Chair, St. Louis Food Policy Coalition (STLFPC) Over one-quarter of St. Louis City residents are food insecure: they face uncertain access to nutritious food. An even higher percentage face low food access, which means they lack grocery […]

Trees—Yes, Trees—Are Part Of Community Building

By Chris Krehmeyer, President and CEO of Beyond Housing This column was originally published on Chris’s blog. When most folks think about community building, they think about housing, health, education, economic development, and jobs. Rarely do you hear anyone speak about […]

Public-Private Partnerships Make Good on Trump’s Housing Promises

By Vincent R. Bennett, President of McCormack Baron Salazar This column was originally published by The Hill. During his first address to Congress, President Donald Trump declared that “our neglected inner cities will see a rebirth of hope, safety, and opportunity.” That […]